About Eduknack

Eduknack is replete with software tools to enhance your student’s learning ability, that are easily accessible by teachers from across the globe to provide well-structured learning courses 24/7.

The innovative and informative courses are designed by teachers to guide schools and institutions in accelerated student learning programs. The multi-purpose teaching facilities of Eduknack support all types of media allowing Teachers to update student profiles and their selected courses at any time.

By facilitating a holistic developmental process, students benefit from a “multi-purpose” program featuring artificial intelligence optimization to drive subject specific activities. Eduknack tools seamlessly enhance the learning of any child.

About Us

Education helps in awakening souls. Eduknack is the path towards that enlightenment.

As an enterprising and dedicated team of experts, we will inspire students to successful careers. Eduknack contains engaging and stimulating learning course following the latest pedagogical trends in education to strengthen your child’s future.

Various professionals and industry experts including alumni from reputable institutions, such as IIT and IIM, are associating with Eduknack. These strong associations between advanced learning institutions and our organization has helped us to predict future career demands and their challenging requirements, which are essential elements of introduction to students at an early age. The association of several expat teachers, who have experience for more than 20 years with Eduknack has gives us even more confidence and dedication to strive forward. The expat teachers have taught in various countries such as, Malaysia, Palestine, Qatar, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore, India, UAE, Czech Republic, Austria, USA and UK. Their valuable suggestions during application procedures have helped us in developing the sophisticated Eduknack teaching tools.

Eduknack endeavors to:

  • Provide an assorted range of contemporary teaching strategies which will enhance the students’ careers in a competitive career marketplace.
  • Deliver modern and updated knowledge on the latest innovations in teaching and learning processes.
  • Implement a customized set of academic and skill-based activities which will nurture students’ natural abilities.
  • Enable teachers to gain full access to content creation tools which will be to support and optimize their students’ learning.
  • Guide both teachers and students to master modern teaching and learning principles.


Enabling a secure future for every child.

Eduknack imparts quality education to shape a future successful career for every student based on its advanced and intelligent smart tools teaching strategy. The multi-purpose teaching tools operate to focus student learning on the whole range of academic and skill-based activities.

User Advantages

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By providing a superior learning experience, Eduknack ensures a thorough process of evaluation and discipline to guide student learning at all levels.

The effective outcomes of Eduknack to students, teachers, schools and other educational institutions are:

Students’ Benefits:

  • Enhanced and fun ways to learn

  • New concepts developed from practical methods of learning applications

  • Learning by engaging methodologies for all subjects

  • Interesting courses to captivate student attention

  • Improved academic and skill-based performances

Teachers’ Benefits:

  • Freedom in creating creative content for students

  • Detailed lessons and courses

  • Access to modern and contemporary pedagogical knowledge

  • Professional and personal development

  • Regular feedback on course designs

Schools’ Benefits:

  • Modern learning methods for students

  • Well-structured and quality learning experience in classrooms

  • Modern teaching innovations

  • Professionally guided teacher

  • Participatory involvement by parents


Enabling constructive, effective and highly enriching learning experiences for students, Eduknack takes pride in its well-researched multi-purpose functional tools which are easily accessible by teachers. The customized courses are designed to engage young minds to innovate and learn in a stimulating learning environment.

Eduknack makes use of contemporary technology which ensures to:

  • Create lesson plans thoroughly

  • Create well-researched study material with interactive videos

  • Design questions of a varied range for all subjects

  • Create prompting worksheets/question papers

  • Monitor the students’ learning process

  • Identify learning difficulties and to implement subsequent solutions

  • Develop formal online tests/examinations for students

  • Create student online assessment in real-time
  • Ensure student-specific feedback via comments

  • Develop appropriate and meaningful learning content

  • Develop smart activities which are based on the latest learning technologies

  • Examine and report student progress

  • Mark online student attendance

  • Engage and collaborate with peers to create powerful and constructive course content and questions

  • Monitor discussion forums

Key Features

The multi-purpose functional tool by Eduknack comes with a unique host of features designed to administer a quality learning experience to students.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface
The global connections help the platform to interact with various schools across the globe and share academic information
Collaborating with associates from different fields
The platform ensures thorough monitoring of students’ progress
Supportive and dedicated team members
Onsite training opportunities


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